How It Works

Ordering a Custom TinyPong™

Interested in knowing how ordering a custom TinyPong™ works? We've got you covered.

Step One

Preparing the Artwork

You've decided to get yourself a custom TinyPong™, so now you need to get the artwork ready. Here's how it is:

You choose the artwork and prepare it to the necessary specifications, which you can find on our downloadable form here. In the instance that you require the services of a graphic designer to create your artwork, we can assist for a $50 design fee - this service covers modifying logos, refining and altering images, creating collages using supplied images, and designing custom backgrounds.

An exception in this fee are ready-to-go logos that need to be dropped onto a plain background, and also adding phone numbers, names, social links, website addresses, and other such basic business details. 

Depending on what your artwork is, you may also need to select a base colour.


Step Two

Selecting a Base Colour

You have three options when choosing a base colour. You can either: choose from our six standard base colours, submit a CMYK code with your order, or request for our designers to find a suitable colour match for your artwork.

Please be aware that our printers can struggle to properly reproduce shades of green and orange.

If you don’t need a base colour, move onto the next step.


Step Three

Finalising the Artwork

Create your TinyPong™ table design. To ensure that your artwork is printed in the highest quality possible, save your artwork as an EPS or AI (Illustrator) file.

In the event that you require our designers' assistance, prepare the artwork assets for us by saving any photographs as PNG or JPEG and any other graphics assets as EPS files. You will also need to either clarify your choice regarding the base colour and what style of custom TinyPong™ you would like, Single, Twin, or Tiled.


Step Four

Placing the Order

Once your artwork is ready to go it is time to place your order. Follow the instructions in the order form on our website, or place your order via email to - we’ll reply with a mockup of your table and an invoice.

We will not send your table off to print until we have received your approval! Be sure to respond with the A-OK or any necessary alterations.

Once all of that is done, we send your table off to print!