Meet TinyPong™!

The fun-sized ping pong table that you can take anywhere! TinyPong™ is small enough to fit in the boot of your car, be set up in rooms of any size, and be played by people of all ages, yet still big enough to pack in a whopping tonne of fun!

If you have made the smart choice to get some TinyPong™ in your life, head on over to the store and browse through our Classic ranges and Limited Edition lines. Or, if you want something extra special, you can design your very own TinyPong™ with custom artwork - which can be art, photos, graphics, or logos, and much more.

TinyPong™ comes with everything you need, the net, paddles, and balls are all included - all you need to provide is your competitive spirit.

Remember, it isn’t about the size, it’s about how you play with it!