Design Stories

Every design was inspired by something and has a story just waiting to be told; here are a few of ours!


Who doesn’t love a good donut? The (I)conic TinyPong™ was inspired by one of these sweet, doughy desserts, with the table designed to look like sprinkles on white frosting - quite the recipe for success!

German Week Brisbane

German Week Brisbane needed some TinyPong™ in their pocket. Inspired by the bold colours of the German flag, this table was made to be played. Good luck, players!

Warm and Fuzzy

Christmas is upon us and, even though we’re an Australian-based company and have never witnessed December be anything less than scorching hot, our designers could not resist creating a TinyPong™ inspired by ugly Christmas sweaters! We all pretend to hate these sweaters, but come winter it is the ugliest of sweaters that are the most comfortable.

Mellow Melon

It’s green, green, green, baby! Mellow Melon is all about kicking back and relaxing in the warm, Spring sun. The saying goes ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, but sometimes you gotta appreciate where you are and enjoy the little things - like a quality game of TinyPong™ with your pals.