Retro Recipes: Pizza Rolls

Anyone and everyone loves pizza. Growing up, a party snack table was not properly outfitted unless there were pizza rolls served up. These savoury, crunchy delights were a favourite, a must-have, and the perfect solution for hungry bellies. Hot damn, these were a childhood favourite for many.

Amp up the nostalgia factor and save some scratch by making your own pizza rolls!

Best thing is, you can alter the filling to whatever your favourite toppings are. De-lic-ious. We’ll be following today’s cooking guru, Tornadough Alli, and making the classic pepperoni and cheese pizza rolls.


  • 5 egg roll wrappers, 
  • ⅓ cup diced pepperoni slices, 
  • ¼ cup pizza sauce, and, 
  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese. 


Step One

Cut your egg roll wrappers into four equal squares. Chop, tear, or grate your mozzarella cheese into small pieces. Dice the pepperoni. Toss everything into a large bowl with the pizza sauce and combine.

Step Two

Lay out some of your egg roll wrappers. Using a teaspoon, scoop up a good amount of the pizza filling and plop on the left side of each section - be sure to leave a centimeter edge free of filling. Repeat this process with the other wrapper sections you have laid out.

Step Three

Dip your finger in some water and run it along the edges of the wrapper - the edges won’t stick together otherwise, and your filling will burst out while cooking. 

Ensuring that the edges overlap at least a centimeter, roll the wrapper up. Seal the top and bottom edges by gently pressing the wrapper together, dampening the edge, and folding the edges over again. This process creates a secure packet that will hold together while being fried.

Repeat until all of your pizza pockets are ready to cook!

Step Four

Heat up 1-2 inches of oil to 180C. Once the oil is heated, gently place four pizza rolls in the pan and fry for either 1-2 minutes or until the wrapping has gone golden and puffy. 

Carefully remove from the pan and drain of excess oil. Repeat until all of your rolls are cooked!

Use extra pizza sauce for dipping. And be careful, they’ll be hot fresh out of the pot!