Health Benefits of TinyPong™

Although it may not seem like it, there are quite a few health benefits to getting your TinyPong™ game on.


Not everyone is prepared to hit the pavement on a hot Summer day to squeeze in their hour of exercise. What a sweaty nightmare! Thankfully, TinyPong™ is perfectly sized for indoor sports, where the air-con keeps the air cool and crisp - and keeps you from working yourself into a dizzy spell from the blazing heat. Pick the table up and move it wherever you please!

Hand-Eye Coordination

Every game you play, you’ll find your reflexes, mental sharpness, and your hand-eye coordination improving. Even during friendly matches we all play to win, and that means we’re focusing on smashing those returns and scoring points.

All of this mental focus is great for the mind too! Stay sharp, stay alert, and stay in the game!

Low Risk of Injury

Young, old, and in-between, TinyPong™ is for everyone. Set your own pace and have some fun. No safety gear is required and TinyPong™ is easy on the joints. The worst you can do, really, is pull a muscle while performing a dance when you win.

Burning Calories

Look, everyone has probably told themselves that they’ll try and get fit; it happens every New Years’ night. Sticking to that resolution only pans out for a few people, though, because exercise can get boring pretty quick. TinyPong™ is a fun way to burn calories, especially during fast and furious games that have you hopping all over the joint! Sure, playing a few rounds won’t burn as many calories as, say, doing an hour-long spin class, but that’s not the point - staying motivated to remain active is.

These are a few health benefits of getting a TinyPong™ in your life! Can you think of any others?