Games You Can Play With Your TinyPong™ Table

Try these fun TinyPong™ games or come up with some of your own, and let us know how you love to play with your TinyPong™!

TinyPong™ Round Robin

This is a great game to play if you have a group of people. Two players, on opposite sides of the table, begin a game of regular ping pong. The players that are not starting the game line up along either side of the table. As soon as Player 1 serves, he or she drops the paddle and the person to his/her left picks it up and gets ready to return the ball. 

Player 2 returns the serve and drops the paddle, and the person to the left of him/her continues the play. Every person begins the game with three points. If a player isn’t able to hit the ball to the other side of the table, that person loses a point. If you lose all three of your points, you are eliminated from the game. The last person standing wins.

TinyPong™ Basketball

Place a cup on each corner of the table. One player stands on each side of the table behind their cups. The objective is to use your paddle to hit the ball into your opponent’s cups. You can decide if you want to use your paddles to defend your cups as well, but if someone accidentally knocks over their own cup while playing defence, the other player gets three points. You receive two points for every time you get the ball in, or three if you can manage to bounce the ball in. The first player to reach 18 points wins.

TinyPong™ Blow

For this game, you will need two straws and some masking tape. Place a strip of tape at each end of the table. These strips will be your ‘goals’ that you are trying to defend. The ping pong ball will be placed at the centre of the table, and on the count of three, both players will attempt to get the ball into their opponent’s ‘goal’ by blowing through the straw to move the ball. If you manage to get the ball over your opponent’s masking tape goal, you get a point. The first player to seven points wins.