Design Stories: Christmas Collection, OrangeSky, and Space Crusader

We love talking about our creative inspirations...or maybe we just like talking. Either way, today we're revealing the story behind a few of our favourite TinyPong tables!


Just like us, the team over at OrangeSky love a good game of ping pong. So, we decided to make a table just for them as a birthday and Christmas present. Since OrangeSky turned four in 2019, we felt that they deserved a treat from TinyPong™. The table we designed for them was all about celebrating the incredible team at OrangeSky and their mission to provide conversation and laundry services to Australians that have fallen on hard times. If you follow OrangeSky, you may have seen them auction off two OrangeSky TinyPong tables at a fundraiser! 

Christmas Collection 

We love Christmas. We love it so much, in fact, that we have made three limited edition TinyPong designs! These tables celebrate everything Christmas, and are inspired by our own fond memories of tearing into wrapping paper on Christmas morning, gobbling on every piece of gingerbread in sight, and decking out a tree with as many decorations as humanly possible. 

Space Crusader

Who remembers hitting the arcade after school and spending all of your hard-earned pocket money on games like Space Invader or Mortal Kombat? Beating the high score and having your initials glowing on that screen was the dream. Lucky for us, vintage gaming is coming back, and so this table was born. So, are you ready to settle some old scores, Player 1? 

And that's it for this round up! Don't forget we do custom tables; if you have a story that deserves a TinyPong design email us at!