6 Ways Ping Pong Boosts Your Workplace

We keep a TinyPong™ on hand for lunch breaks, client meetings, and just for a general pep-up on slow or exhausting days. Accessorising your workplace with any sort of table sport does more than treat your employees to a well-deserved reward, it boosts your office - in ways you may not realise too!

Here are six ways that a game, or five, of TinyPong™ has a positive effect on your office!


Look, everyone has a bad day. Even in the happiest of offices, a rough meeting or failed proposal can bring the mood down. A quick game of TinyPong™ can help get people out of that slump, distract their minds from looming deadlines and angry clients and get them smiling again!

Keeping morale up is hard. A game of ping pong makes it a little easier; people are playing together and having fun!

Plus, treating the team to a game during lunch or after everyone clocks off is a sweet-as reward for a hard days work.


Staying fit when you work a 9 to 5 job is hard. Not everyone is prepared, or has the time, to wake up at the crack of dawn or stop by the gym on the way home for a workout. Good news is that a few games of TinyPong™ gets your team active and their blood pumping. Now, this isn’t going to burn calories like a spin class might, but damn if it isn’t a whole lot more fun!

Equipping your break-room with a ping pong table is a surefire way to get your team active!


Team bonding can get a little tricky. Thankfully, table sports are a great social outlet for team members to bond over! Finish the year with a friendly tournament and send people off for their holidays with team bonds stronger than ever. TinyPong™ is also the perfect icebreaker activity to introduce new team members to the rest of the team!

But, the best thing about using TinyPong™ for bonding in the office is that...

Anyone Can Play

TinyPong™ doesn’t care how old or young you are, your physical ability, or anything else! Sure, some people are naturally better with hand-eye coordination, but table tennis is an equal opportunity sport that everyone in the office can play. Any and all can join in on the fun and have a blast!
Party Asset

Come time for the office Christmas party, or any event that could use some entertainment, a TinyPong™ table becomes quite the asset! Not everyone is great at making small-talk, and coming up with a good conversation starter can bring out the nervous sweats in even the most confident of people. It’s far easier to make connections, and have a good deal of fun, over a game of ping pong!


Every team member that works hard deserves to chill on their lunch break. One of the best things about table sports, not just TinyPong™, is that they are plenty of fun and just intensive enough to distract you from daily worries. A good game boosts your mood and leaves you smiling. What a perfect way to relax, right?

TinyPong™ is more than a table sport. It’s a way to boost your office and give your team a fun way to de-stress and bond! What more reason do you need to get your TinyPong™ game on?