3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Ping Pong Table

Not that long ago, ping pong tables became the new hot thing to arm the office with. Some people still need a little convincing as to why this is a great idea. So, to help you pitch the value of purchasing a table for the business, we’ve got three arguments lined up and ready to go!

Team Morale 

Keeping your team’s morale up can be difficult. Beer o’clock on Friday afternoons and ordering pizza for lunch can only do so much for keeping your team in good spirits. It takes creating a welcoming atmosphere and genuine actions to keep your team motivated to push through tough days. 

Buying your team a ping pong table for the break room shows that you aren’t just thinking about company profits. You care about your team, and know that investing in them is a worthy enterprise. Backing such ideals up with action proves it to them. A ping pong table, branded or not, is a good way to do this. 

Outfitting the office with a ping pong table also encourages your team to be active and have fun during breaks. It’s a good way to relieve stress and increase team bonding too! All of that is a win for team welfare!


Marketing is critical for getting your business in front of customers. Good marketing combines outside-the-box ideas with solid online and offline strategies. Great marketing does this too, but it also results in positive brand awareness and entices your audience to choose you over your competition. 

How? Great marketing makes you memorable, but it’s not just about getting you facetime with a customer. It’s about getting them to associate a consumer need with your product or service. Creating that association takes many forms, one of which is through interactive, branded merchandise. This kind of marketing, where you allow your audience to physically interact with your brand, is called Experiential Marketing. 

Getting a branded ping pong table (which you can do right here) for a marketing effort creates an immersive experience for your audience. It’s also a fun way for them to interact with your brand. Imagine having a ping pong table, with your brand on it, at a trade show or business festival. Or, in your waiting room. People will be drawn to this unique item, and their lasting impressions of the table begin the process of brand recognition and brand loyalty. 

Wind Up and Wind Down 

Here’s the thing about ping pong, it’s great at both helping you to get in The Zone and wind down from being in The Zone. Ping pong is an aerobic activity, which means that it gets your blood pumping. It also activates your brain - keeping up with your opponent requires fast thinking and rapid strategy development, which takes no small amount of brainpower! 

What does this mean? It means that playing a few rounds of ping pong is great for getting people back on track if they’re dealing with a creative block. Anyone struggling to ‘wake up’ during an afternoon slump can boost their concentration by playing ping pong too, as aerobic exercise increases blood flow throughout the body and brain.

Games between team members are also great for decompressing after a stressful day or meeting. That exercise we mentioned above also boosts endorphins and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals that reduce stress and promote relaxed, happy emotions. This can be a great way to wind down after a long day. 

Those are just a few reasons why your business should seriously consider getting a branded ping pong table.